We need EACH of YOU with US

It takes years of tolerance, long-lasting hard work, yet scrabs of resources and many more sacrifices to be a marine researcher of the Eastern Med. Though, there is no room for a surrender because every and any hope we seed to this world, is going to generate the change of the current system, clearly is not functioning well with several warning signs not only for the nature itself but for our own species. And interestingly, where and what needs to be changed, always left out and ignored by the overwhelming community.

When you hear the long hold breath coming from the deep blue, provides you the strength you need to carry on and that’s what DMAD team experienced in our summer survey effort in 2021, targeting the entire Eastern Mediterranean waters of Turkey. Sperm whales, are known as marine engineers with their critical role on healthy ecosystems. Turkey, highly neglected country by the research and conservation actions, despite surrounded by three different seas, is also home to these majestic creatures. Our team conducts seasonal survey effort, covering its waters from west to east in pursuit of these giant guardians of our waters. Because, the knowledge is our ONLY STRENGTH to fight against ignorance! We need to influence the value of long-
term benefits over short-terms.

Our research and conservation effort continuous since 2015 while giving opportunities to the students from any background to provide them the experience they need to show them the true meaning of what ‘Biologist’ really means. We are just at the beginning of our path with 7 years of effort to protect what is left to us. We need EACH of YOU with US to create the change for the good for OUR PLANET and for our society.

Because, only together, our BLUE PLANET IS SAFE!