Kid's Corner

Games, riddles and activities for children

We have a whole range of activities for children to do, from colouring in to craft activities, it’s everything that the budding biologist needs to get started! Watch the video or click an image below to get started!

Whale Hello there little sea creatures,
I’m Selina and We at DMAD have made some games for you to play and learn about all the animals that live in the ocean! There are some Puzzles, mazes and you can even colour your own dolphin!!
For the majority of the games, you can download them and open them in the program paint. Follow the instructions and choose your brush and color!
It is only for the Jigsaw puzzles you have to click on an external link!
You can always ask your parents to help you!
If you’re finished, you can share you’re crafting with us on our Facebook or Instagram! Or ask us for more games!
Have Fun and enjoy the underwater world!

Colouring in

Get colouring creatures from the underwater world!

Craft Ideas

Get crafty with these nifty ideas


Wrap your brain round these underwater riddles


There's lots of fun to be had with out games

Presentations and Tips for a Better World

What can we do to help the planet?

Sound of Marine Mammals

Listen to the sound of the underwater megafauna