Peer-reviewed Journal Papers and Conference Posters

Assessing the Overlap of Fishing and Bottlenose Dolphins in an Understudied Region of the Mediterranean

Tim Awbery, Laura Rudd, Aylin Akkaya

Investigating an Apparent Decline in Bottlenose Dolphins in Montenegro & How Citizen Science has Helped to Fill Data Gaps During the Current Pandemic

Laura Rudd, Tim Awbery, Sian McGuinness, Selina Brouwer, Enorha Guimard, Liam Van Walsum, Aylin Akkaya

Biodiversity of the Proposed IMMA of the Turkish Straits System

Liam van Walsum, Enorha Guimard, Tim Awbery, Belen Yıldırım, Aylin Akkaya

Listen to the voice of the Mediterranean - Noise pollution of the Mediterranean

A Guide on What Seismic is, its Proven and yet Ignored Consequences and How These can be Minimised

Evaluating the population trend of the common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) in Montenegro: an apparent decline

Evie White, Sian McGuinness, Laura Rudd, Tim Awbery, Selina Brouwer, Aylin Akkaya

Annual Reports

Montenegro Dolphin Research Annual Report of 2021: Turning Research to Conservation Outputs for Cetacean Protection in Montenegro

Aylin Akkaya, Tim Awbery,  Selina Brouwer, Laura Rudd, Cedric Goosens, Natasa Nikpaljevic, Dusan Varda