Montenegro Internship

Working with our team at the Montenegro Dolphin Research Project will give interns experience planning, conducting and analysing data from real marine mammal surveys. It teaches a great deal of software skills and is perfect for someone looking to break into a career in marine conservation.

About the internship

MDR undertakes a year-round survey effort in the coastal waters of Montenegro to collect baseline knowledge on distribution patterns and encounter rates of the bottlenose and striped dolphins. The research also targets photo identification in order to define the residency patterns in Montenegro. Finally, MDR aims to encourage community development through the active involvement of a wide range of stakeholders from fishermen to early career researchers and volunteers.

About the project

The internship covers nine land sites and numerous boat routes across Montenegro and Northern Albania

  1. We conduct land-based and boat-based surveys to accurately map the distribution of dolphins and the overlap with human pressures in Montenegro and Albania.
  2. We record data on dolphin behaviour and how this is effected  by marine traffic.
  3. We perform photo identification studies to collect population estimates and look at site fidelity
  4. and much much more

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Who are we looking for:

DMAD are looking for interns with:

  1. A true interest in marine conservation
  2. The ability to cohabit in a dynamic and multicultural environment
  3. Proven experience of working effectively as a part of the team, fluent English and good communication skills
  4. Reasonable computer literacy skills and the willingness to learn new software

What responsibilities will you be expected to undertake?

The responsibilities include but are not limited to;
  1. Performing boat  and land surveys
  2. Collecting spatial-temporal, behavioural and acoustic data
  3. Operating software before, during and after the survey
  4. Data entry
  5. Photo-identification and other related software

How do I apply?/I have more questions?

To apply please send a copy of your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

If you have more questions or want to enquire about other work with DMAD then e-mail the same address or head over to the Contact us tab