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DMAD - Marine Mammals Research Association is a non-profit and a non-governmental organization that aims to create an ecological consciousness through its scientific research and outreach activities.

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DMAD 's goal is to raise both scientific and public awareness, to identify and locate habitat problems and to implement the actions needed in order to conserve the marine biodiversity in the Eastern Mediterranean..

Our target is to implement effective conservation strategies, support citizen science, raise ecological awareness and to use research and knowledge to generate these management skills for a healthy marine ecosystems.

We combine our research with public outreach to create holistic conservation campaigns to help protect endangered cetaceans.




We use land and boat based surveys to map the critical habitats of cetaceans.


We research cetacean behaviour and how it is effected by human pressures.

Photo Identification

We collate, maintain and share databases of individually identified dolphins and whales

Human Pressures

We map the location of human pressures on dolphins and record their magnitude.

Giant Guardians of the Deep Seas II

Our research expeditions in the Levantine Sea

Montenegro Dolphin Research

Where Science and Outreach collide

Albania Dolphin Research

Beginning to understand the unknown

Keep An Eye

Helping to coordinate strandings efforts in the Southern Adriatic


Join our team of researchers and scientists along the Adriatic coasts of Montenegro and Albania or in the Levantine and Agean Seas around Turkey. This is a valuable opportunity for graduates and undergraduates in order to gain experience in the marine mammal research field.


  • Land and boat based surveys
  • Collect distribution and behavioral data
  • Collect and match individuals using photo ID software
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Raise stakeholder awarenes


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