Peer-reviewed Journal Papers and Conference Posters

New records of Cuvier’s beaked whales (Ziphius cavirostris) from the Turkish Levantine Sea

Aylin Akkaya Baş, João Carvalho Lagoa, Elizabeth Atchoi

Fishing practices cause a concerning alteration on the behavior of three odontocetes species in the Istanbul Strait

Olaya, C., Akkaya Baş, A., Affinito, F. , Öztürk, B.  and Amaha, A.

Annual Reports and Public Outreach Publications

Montenegro Dolphin Project Annual Report on Bottlenose dolphins and Striped dolphins: Species distribution, Behavioural patterns, encounter rates, residency patterns and hotspots in Montenegro, South Adriatic 2016-2017

Aylin Akkaya Bas, Flavio Affinito, Saskia Martin, Anna Vollmer, Carine Gansen, Neil Morris, Nadia Frontier, Natasa Nikpaljevic ve Ana Vujović