Each of you has the potential to reveal the unknowns of our blue planet, excellence in science and defend our home. Only when society meets with research then the impact is permanently rising for the benefit of wildlife. For this sole reason, DMAD has built upon the citizen-science network “Keep an eye”, where your sighting report on dolphins or whales anywhere within the Eastern Mediterranean Sea or Southern Adriatic Sea, will be added to our scientific database. This time, you will be on the forefront of wildlife protection. What the network needs from you;

  • Data and time of your sighting
  • Location of your sighting (if possible coordinates)
  • Photographs of your sighting (if possible)
  • Any notes you like to add.

Send through this information through whatsapp or viber to; +905337339443 or scan the QR code

Be the voice for the ones that are unheard and keep your eye at the sea!