Turkey Internship

Our internship in Turkey is designed to give maximum time on the water, giving you the chance to collect hands-on research data and use a variety of visual and acoustic survey techniques.

About the internship

The project has been constructed to collect missing scientific data, which has been deemed to be one of the most important barriers in the way of effective conservation strategies. Whilst 60% of cetacean species are globally threatened, the situation is more critical for the Mediterranean subpopulations which have all been defined as “threatened” or “data deficient”. 

Despite the goal of protecting 10% of marine areas by 2020, the existing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) do not exceed 7% of the Mediterranean Sea and only 0.04 MPAs’ are fully protected with the majority of them being coastal in European waters, leaving the southern and eastern Mediterranean Sea vulnerable to uncontrolled and unregulated human impacts. Regarding cetacean research effort, the same vulnerable habitats have been studied only a handful of times. All of these were opportunistic studies and all of which have were conducted in single summer survey efforts.

About the project sites

The internship covers three sites in the Istanbul Strait and the Aegean and Levantine Seas.

Our work covers the entire Strait of Istanbul, an area of exceptionally high marine traffic to update a photo identification catalogue collected over ten years.

In the area of the Aegean Sea surrounding the Dilek peninsula, we focus on common dolphins. There has been extensive survey work in the Greek waters surrounding Samos but little work in Turkish waters. Our work here utilises industry-standard hydrophones (underwater microphones) in order to record the whistles and clicks of the dolphins.

Giant Guardians of the Deep Seas is a research expedition unlike any other in the region. Bringing together field researchers, academics and professional passive acoustic monitoring experts from around the world, the expedition spans a huge area (~22,000 sqkm) between Marmaris and Anamur in the Levantine Sea.

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Who are we looking for:

DMAD are looking for interns with:
  1. A true interest in marine conservation
  2. The ability to cohabit in a dynamic and multicultural environment
  3. Proven experience of working effectively as a part of the team, fluent English and good communication skills
  4. Reasonable computer literacy skills and the willingness to learn new software

What responsibilities will you be expected to undertake?

The responsibilities include but are not limited to;
  1. Performing boat surveys
  2. Collecting spatial-temporal, behavioural and acoustic data
  3. Operating software during the survey
  4. Data entry
  5. Photo-identification and other related software

How do I apply? / I have more questions?

To apply please send a copy of your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

If you have more questions or want to enquire about other work with DMAD then e-mail the same address or head over to the Contact us tab