Common Dolphins in Common Seas: Summer observation completed

The summer observation of the Common Dolphins in the Common Seas project, which we have been carrying out in partnership with WWF-Turkey on the Dilek Peninsula for many years, has been successfully completed.

The peninsula is known for its proximity to the Greek island of Samos, as well as having the untouched structure surrounding the National Park. Although a lot of research has been carried out in the waters of Samos, the limited cetacea research in the region covering Turkish waters has led WWF-Turkey and DMAD to initiate this collective study.

In this observation, which is only one of the projects we created in order to close the lack of data on cetacea species in our common waters and to understand dolphin behaviour in the long term, we organize boat trips and catalogue the photographs of dolphins. At the same time, we are trying to establish a local database of vocal and behavioural data of the common dolphins by collecting sound data of dolphins with the help of a passive acoustic imaging device that allows us to distinguish dolphin sounds underwater.