Citizen Science

Montenegro Dolphin Sightings Network

Post your dolphin sightings from across Montenegro and help us to protect them.

This is an Initiative by our partner Montenegro Dolphin Research (MDR).
MDR exists since 2016 and has been working continuously on collecting sightings data in order to understand the dolphin population structures and the threats the dolphins are facing in Montenegrin Waters.
Recently (2020), they developed the Montenegro Dolphin Sighting Network, which is a Citizen Science project to make sure that everyone can be included in the research effort and we can create a wave of change for our blue planet.
It would mean a lot if you can report your dolphin sightings to us, preferably with the following information;
location (gps and distance if within Reach), time, date and a photo if possible.
When you report your sightings, you can look back on the facebook page, to see a monthly sightings map and highly committed members of our community will be put in the spotlight and will receive a little extra attention.

Report a Dolphin Sighting

Leave your sighting on our facebook wall.