Peer-reviewed Publications

Spatial Distribution and Encounter Rates of Delphinids and Deep Diving Cetaceans in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea of Turkey and the Extent of Overlap With Areas of Dense Marine Traffic

Tim Awbery, Aylin Akkaya, Patrick Lyne, Laura Rudd, Gemma Hoogenstrijd, Madeleine Nedelcu, David Kniha, Mehmet Akif Erdoğan, Cherisse Persad, Ayaka Amaha Öztürk and Bayram Öztürk

The effect of commercial and artisanal fishing practices on the behavioral budget of bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Montenegro, South Adriatic Sea

Laura E. Rudd, Tim Awbery, Romina Waller, Molly Crowe, Julianna Bauer, Anna Jacquemart, Natasa Nikpaljevic, Aylin Akkaya

Annual Reports

Collecting Scientific Data to Fill Existing Data Gaps on Cetacean Conservation in Turkey - Five Years of Dedicated Research Effort on Coastal and Deep-Diving Cetacean Species

Aylin Akkaya, Selina Brouwer, Tim Awbery, Patrick Lyne, Derya Özciğer Senalp, Duru Güneş Yalçın, Kerim Akkaya