The 2021 IEEE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON Metrology for the Sea

The 2021 IEEE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON Metrology for the Sea will take place for the second time on October 4-6 in Reggio Calabria, Italy.
Our Founder and Science Coordinator Dr. Aylin Akkaya and her colleagues Giulia Cipriano (Department of Biology, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy), Rosalia Maglietta (Institute of Intelligent Industrial Systems and Technologies for Advanced Manufacturing, Italy) and Marta Azzolin (Life Science and System Biology Department of the University Turin/ Gaia Research Institute Onlus) at the conference are going to give a special session, under the heading “Current challenges and new technological approaches Applied to marine mammals and sea turtles conservation”.  
In this special session, they will present “in an era of unprecedented global changes, to keep the marine ecosystems healthy is essential for the well-being of planet Earth. The monitoring of sentinel species such as marine mammals and sea turtles represents the cornerstone to evaluate human activities’ impacts on marine ecosystems functioning. This special session aims to collect contributions related to the application of new technologies, computer science and statistical strategies to the integration of biological and environmental data, aimed to increase knowledge on the bio-ecology of marine mammals and marine turtles, essential for the implementation of conservation measures, according to the ecosystem-based management approach.”
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