From the cliffs: Evie writing DMAD’s Antalya Surveys

Evie White writes about Antalya land surveys

“Had a pretty exciting morning, it’s my second land survey here in Turkey and we saw some cool things. The sun was shining and the seastate was near perfect. We sat on the cliffs patiently waiting for an observation, binos in hand. In the first hour Liam spotted a turtle which was beautiful and unexpected. Sitting looking out to sea has its moments of frustration, seabirds sitting on the surface often look like fins from afar so you get flashes of excitement and then disappointment. Suddenly Enorha shouted “DOLPHIN”, we all grabbed our binoculars and the data sheet. It was a lot of fun, we saw around 10 individuals including a juvenile; we observed a lot of full leaps and it was evident they were socialising at points. We witnessed them for around an hour; what a great experience. SO MUCH FUN”.