It pays to live on the coast

Our team in Montenegro live on the shores of Kotor Bay and sometimes it pays to live so close to the sea! Our team was unexpectedly gifted with the presence of a passing dolphins:

It was a cloudy morning, the sun hidden behind them, when we were working in our house office. The sound of typing on computers was the only sound to be heard. Until, all our phones rang at 10.45h, Aylin with her all seeing eyes, had spotted a group of dolphins passing by. We were not thinking, we were not doubting, we just ran, we ran as fast as we could, cameras at hand. Within seconds, we arrived at the seaside, waiting, looking, you could hear nothing but a deafening silence. Suddenly they appeared, those stupendous creatures, my heart raced, beating faster and faster. For a moment, I wanted to be like them, swimming, nothing holding me back, they are free, free to do and to go wherever they want, wherever they like. My thoughts were interrupted by Selina, our coordinator, because gathering data is more important than daydreaming. Now, hours later, I can’t stop thinking about them, I’ve always loved dolphins, but seeing them and dreaming about them, a whole world of difference. They are breathtaking, they are wild, free and so I remembered why I wanted to be a marine biologist. 
12/3/2021 – Pictures and words by interns Claudia and Laura respectively