A week in the eyes of our interns: Dorka

A week in the eyes of one of DMAD’s interns: Dorka in Montenegro

“This week was quite interesting in Montenegro for our team at DMAD. Thanks to the beautiful weather we were able to go out on board again on Wednesday morning and this time the sea was super chill, the view was amazing in the basin of the mountains, although we did not see dolphins – at least not when on board. However, during the next day morning survey they appeared in front of us just exactly where we ran our boat survey the day before.” 

“And if it wasn’t enough, on the same day due to the sunny weather we spotted dolphins in the sunset in Lustica Bay! This was a huge excitement because dolphin sightings were scarce in this area before, plus for one of us this was the first time to see dolphins up close which made us even happier. In front of the fabulous orange-grey sky dolphins were diving, rewarding us for all of our efforts and making all of us filled with joy. To add to the mood even though the weather was bad on Friday to conduct a survey we saw dolphins again just in front of our house from our garden! “