DMAD, MDR and Pelagic Dolphin Tours

Collaboration in Montenegro between DMAD, MDR and Pelagic Tours.

As many of you know DMAD Montenegro works closely together with Montenegro Dolphin Research (MDR) and we are happy to announce that we are getting a new Partner; Pelagic Dolphin Tours, Responsible Dolphin Watch Tours! We are very excited about this partnership, not only will it help us with our research, but it will also greatly benefit our outreach and education efforts.

Next to the fact that Pelagic Dolphin Tours will help us personally and our interns to perform boat surveys, they have also agreed to organise special tours including our surveys, both land and boat surveys. Next time you are in Montenegro, near Kotor you can book a Survey Tour and all proceeds will be donated to MDR to further it’s position and research. These new tours will be called Scientist for a Day and it means we will take people along to experience how it is to perform a survey and how to collect data.

More importantly you can take your stand for our blue planet now, simply by booking a Responsible Dolphin Watch Tour with Pelagic Dolphin Tours. And this all while learning how we perform our surveys, about the dolphin watch guidelines, how to make a photo-ID picture, everything about our sightings network and so much more. Not to forget we will just have a gorgeous day out on or around the crystal clear waters, the amazing coastline of Montenegro, the mountains and this all while we look for dolphins. Creating memories for a lifetime!

Despite the fact that Pelagic Dolphin Tours organises the tours, we ask everyone to contact us to find out more or to go to the following page

Scientist for a Day

This is mainly because all tours are subjected to availability, both the availability of space and the availability of our researchers for supervision, and off course the weather.

There is even more, because Pelagic Dolphin Tours is also open to organising educational trips for schools, which is such an important way to show the children how amazing the local marine live is. Next to that, it is just a lot off fun and we might be able to inspire a future generation of marine scientist, what more can we ask for. So next time you are in Montenegro, Come and Meet the Team.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon!
Thalia de Haas (MSc, Researcher and Volunteer coordinator)