Meet our Volunteers: Rosi Muller

My name is Rosi, I’m 32 years old and for me the field of marine conservation is completely new…

After high school I studied fashion design as my bachelor degree and continued with a postgraduate degree in journalism and communications for fashion. I’ve been working in the fashion and advertising industry for seven years. 

However, I developed a strong interest in the current climate crisis and its causes over the years. Making conscious decisions like a vegan lifestyle, living sustainably and participating in climate demonstrations were the foundation for my choice of taking a closer look into conservation work. As the oceans sustain all life on earth, marine conservation and specifically marine mammals were my first choice.
With DMAD I can get first hand impressions of what a conservationist’s work looks like. Going on land and boat surveys to watch and document dolphin encounters, study their behaviours and learn about the threats for marine mammals are the highlights of my time with the Montenegro Dolphin Research project. 
As a creative person I have enjoyed learning the software to create representative maps and was able to design various social media layouts and posters for the project. Community Outreach is an equally important part for conservation work here, and also somewhere that I can apply my knowledge of communications and social media. Every member of the team brings an individual skill to the project and we all benefit from each other’s previous experiences and knowledge.
Maybe the most important thing I have learned here is that you don’t need to be a scientist to do conservation. I am looking forward to where this experience will take me in life!