Daily tasks here provide very different learning possibilities than life at university ever could

Meet our volunteers: Svenja Capitan

Hey, everyone. My name is Svenja, 21, and I am a German biology student in the second year.
Nature, its intrinsic mechanisms and interactions is something that has been absolutely fascinating tome since I can remember. Thus, this field of study came as a natural choice.
Since I am at the point in my studies now, where a decision about my future focus needs to be made, I hope to get an authentic insight into the work of marine ecologists and conservation work with MDR.
Especially getting experience with various softwares, survey technology and the research going into preparations and conservation.
It is a pleasure to work with such a diverse group of people, while all sharing the same goal to understand and preserve the beauty of marine mammal life. My main goal is to support them in this effort as much as I possibly can while getting an understanding of the work itself, to act as a basis for the decisions ahead.