Dolphin Stranded on Beach of Budva in Montenegro

28/12/2020 A Bottlenose Dolphin stranded on the Beach of Budva

Just before we leave 2020 behind us, something sad happened.
Last Monday night (28-12-2020) a dolphin stranded on the beach of Budva, Montenegro. When it stranded it was already dead for a while. The dolphin was an adult Bottlenose Dolphin. Unfortunately, the cause of death is unknown.

Bottlenose dolphins are a common species and live on the whole coastline of Montenegro, including the Kotor bay. They can grow up to 3,5 meters and reach a lifespan of 40-50 years. Our team mostly observes them in groups of 2-4 individuals, however last month we observed a group up to 8-10 individuals with 2 juveniles in the Kotor Bay.

Thank you for photos&videos to @podgoricki_vremeplov account.