Survey Mornings of the Montenegro

Our Intern and Volunteer Coordinator Selina Brouwer Writes for DMAD

It was a beautiful morning in November. It was cold however, the rising sun was gently warming us. We entered the Bay of Kotor and there was a small layer of fog hanging above the water, the water was calm and reflected like a mirror. We were all quietly watching in all directions…waiting until we saw that one fin or blow coming above the water… and at that moment I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I saw it was something black, I looked again and there I saw that beautiful fin coming out of the water! “DOLPHIN AT 11 O’CLOCK!!”, I exclaimed as quietly as my excitement would allow. Immediately we started collecting data, taking pictures, and deploying the hydrophone into the water. We saw a fluke out of the water, heard some loud blows as dolphins resurfaced and clicks on the hydrophone. They were definitely looking for some food. They didn’t seem to be disturbed by us, however, as soon as we’d collected the necessary data, we left them alone and continued our search for the dolphins of Montenegro.