Operation 3 Seas: Study B

Conservation works at its best when different parties – be they countries, NGOs or individuals – work together towards a joint goal. In 2018, DMAD and Project Manaia formed ‘Operation 3 Seas’, a research effort which would explore areas of the Eastern Mediterranean where little is known about resident cetaceans.

Over the last few weeks, Operation 3 Seas, a collaboration between DMAD and Project Manaia, has been sailing southwards through the Adriatic from Lignano, Italy to Bar, Montenegro.

Leaving Bar last Friday, they began ‘Study B’ of the research effort, which passes through Montenegrin, Albania and Greek waters eventually ending in Plakias. The first few weeks focused on networking with fellow NGOs, universities, dive schools and other institutions in order to establish the need for a data sharing platform to aid research and conservation in the Adriatic. Within Montenegrin and Albanian waters the team aims to document five key cetacean (dolphins and whales) species which will aid the conservation efforts of Montenegro Dolphin Research and Albania Dolphin Research (a collaborative project between DMAD and the Agricultural University of Tirana). The team has already collected some fantastic data (including citizen science data) on invasive species, cetaceans, sea grass and other species, and has achieved some great steps in terms of networking with other universities and organisations! They hope to continue this on the journey southwards to enhance conservation in the Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean. 

For updates please follow their journey on Instagram at @Operation3Seas