Meet our Volunteers: Phoebe Thorpe

I am an English Literature graduate from Bath, U.K. Over a year ago I decided I wanted to make a change in career path and work in environmental conservation and animal welfare. 

I’ve always been highly passionate about animal welfare and caring for habitats, and have enjoyed gaining previous experience in conservation projects. 
I came across DMAD on Facebook and, after reading about the training that the internship offers, was keen to know more. I hadn’t actually heard of the software programs used, but this was a reason that I wanted to know more – I want to know as much as possible and you can never really stop learning. Particularly because I do not have a biological background this was a fantastic opportunity to enhance my skills and learn from those who do!
I have not set my career path on marine conservation because I would like to help in a number of different conservation areas. I was pleased to have this opportunity to research how to protect marine mammals because before arriving I had been investigating the issues the oceans face.
I am spending six months with DMAD so I am excited to learn a number of skills which I can carry on using in the future. Carrying out my own research projects will teach me more about marine mammals, their habitats and how to carry out and formulate the research. I am excited to see where this opportunity leads me!