Meet our Volunteers: Francesca Soster

I’m a chemical engineer and I’ve been working in the textile and clothing industry for many years in Innovation and Sustainability. The recent attention on the issues of pollution caused by the fashion industry made me face many challenges, including finding solutions to tackle the impact of the textile waste and clothes leftover as well as the release of microplastics by synthetic fibers in wastewaters. 

I’m a freediver and since I have always been passionate about the ocean and the marine biology, I have decided to take a leave of absence to devote myself to what I love most and moreover to give a contribution to the safeguarding of marine ecosystems and biodiversity. My love for nature and animals, particularly cetaceans, has driven me to want to embark on a new path of deepening and understanding their behaviour and the threats they are facing nowadays.
With DMAD I had the opportunity to see up close what it means to work in research and conservation. I really enjoyed being in field with scientists and learning how to conduct dolphins surveys, but also working on data analysis and being involved in some other interesting programs like public outreach and citizen science. 

I’m very happy I could be part of such an incredible and enthusiastic team!