Meet our Volunteers: Eva Lambert

With the ambition of pursuing a career as a marine biologist and conservationnist, being part of DMAD within the Montenegro Dolphin Research team is a huge opportunity for me.
After gradutating with a bachelor degree in biology of organisms and population in France and specializing in marine sciences in Norway, I decided to postpone my place on the IMBRSea masters programme and do an internship. Getting into the field in order to gain some experience and satisfy my yearning to work in marine conservation was a must-do for me before continuing my studies!
Because of the humanitarian and environmental challenges that the oceans represent, research in this field opens up a wide range of possibilities for both mankind and the planet. Only 5% of the oceans have been explored. While ocean exploitation is a very profitable practice for many industries, the environmental impact humans have on marine species is a matter of concern and it’s up to our generation to find a solution; to change behaviour and put in place protocols that are viable over time. These are the goals that drive me to want to continue studying marine biology and to professionalize in research. 
Being part of MDR allows me to be active in the marine conservation field. Understanding how we are able to make a difference and transmitting it to the next generation has a real importance as well as going into the field and gathering scientific data. The team here helps to educate the local community about threats we pose to wild species and the planet, and how were can help to recover from our mistakes. How? Simply by sensitizing the public about marine animals living here, raising awarness about important issues and encouraging local authorities to take concrete actions on areas that should be protected. There is no  action too small – everyone can make a difference and this is the reason I am so happy to be part of this team!