Meet our Volunteers: Elle Sibthorpe

Keeping an eye out for ceatceans at sunrise on a boat survey

Zdravo! My name is Elle, I’m 27 and come from the UK.

I originally studied languages at university and, a few years after graduating, I decided to leave my teaching job and travel around Latin America. Although I was always interested in scuba diving and enjoyed spending time by the coast, it wasn’t until I began diving regularly that my interest in – and concern for – the marine environment really developed. I trained as a divemaster and, after returning to London, decided that I wanted to make my overall lifestyle more sustainable so that I could reduce my impact on the environment. A huge element of this aim also meant changing my career so that I can develop my knowledge and skills, and focus my energy into making a real difference in marine conservation. 
Up until now, I’ve been involved in small-scale volunteering projects and recently spent 8 weeks as a research assistant in Indonesia. I’m hoping that my internship with DMAD will give me experience of how an NGO operates; the chance to get involved with field data collection and an idea of the challenges faced when trying to enact important changes within communities and governments. I’m also excited to learn more about the Mediterranean in general, and cetaceans in particular. I would eventually like to study a masters degree in conservation, and the internship with DMAD is an excellent way to get practical experience of the end goal!