Khawla wrote for DMAD: Project Antalya Bay

Hello, I am Khawla Bou Ali from Tunisia, a master degree student at the University of Sfax, currently working on my master project with DMAD. 

Since early June, I have joined the DMAD family in Antalya, for my master thesis project It’s almost five months now I experienced a lot, my first boat survey will stay always in my mind because not only I met the dolphins for the first time, but also I listen to their sweet conversations underwater thanks to the hydrophones we had.
In addition, I had the chance to join the different projects, Istanbul and Dilek peninsula surveys where we spotted different dolphins species. My project goal: is to study and estimate the population size of the bottlenose dolphin population in Antalya bay within a photo-identification study. Since 2015 and 2016 many dolphins were spotted and photographed by DMAD, we have so many pictures of our Antalya catalogue! Stay tuned!!
I want to close by sending my warm greetings to my lovely friends that I had the chance to work with them during this experience Belen, Evie, Martina and Georgina.
Thanks to my supervisor Dr Aylin Akkaya for your guidance and advice.
Thanks to all DMAD Team.