Eco training through the project “Youth for a clean Adriatic”

DMAD’s Montenegro Dolphin Research get involved in NVO Nasa akcija (NGO Our Action)’s Youth for a Clean Adriatic Project

On Friday night, DMAD joined the NVO Nasa akcija / NGO Our action team to work on their “Youth for a Clean Adriatic” through education. Due to the covid measures, education was conducted in smaller groups with young people in Podgorica and Kotor. DMAD were involved giving the lecture “Blue Engineers of Montenegro” following the recent cooperation agreement signed by the two organisations. The presentation which was given by Sian and Lara, two interns from DMAD’s Montenegro Dolphin Research focused on the economic and ecological importance of dolphins and the impact of plastic pollution on the marine ecosystem. The lecture was held in the eco-youth house “Muo house”, which was opened by the NGO Nasa akcija at this location in May 2019. We will continue our cooperation working on education and beach clean ups together.