Duru wrote for DMAD: Greetings from Montenegro!

This week in Montenegro, the hot weather is kicking us in the face! Since the beginning of week, we have been doing surveys around but have not seen any dolphins. But even if we do not see any dolphins, I am still so lucky to be here in Montenegro with the DMAD team. I am experiencing life as a field biologist and learning a bunch of stuff here.

In the middle of the week, we saw off two members of the team (Cedric and Noemi) to their hometown, now the survey team is a little smaller, but it is not stopping us from watching dolphins.

Since the longest day of the year, the weather temperature in Montenegro is getting higher and higher. Because of that, working and being concentrated during surveys is getting harder. Even for me, who is a girl from the west coast of Turkey where the summers are so HOT. At least we have a solution for these surveys in boiling hot weather. Jumping into the turquoise-colored sea of Kotor Bay, super refreshing 😊.

Hoping to see dolphins next week!
Greetings from Montenegro