DMAD’s Analyst Patrick Lyne wrote for IMarEST Magazine

Our analyst Patrick Lyne wrote an article for IMarEST Magazine “Mitigating cetacean decline in the Med”

Patrick Lyne, who is an analyst in DMAD’s research, wrote an article in the second issue of The IMarEST magazine with the title “Mitigating cetacean decline in the Med”. Lyne emphasized the increase in the human population in the regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea in the past years and how this number will increase in the next decade, and how cetacea species and marine life will be affected.

He reminded that the ACCOBAMS (Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area), of which Turkey is also a signatory, follows serious rules especially for the protection of marine life and cetaceans. However, especially anthropogenic activities such as habitat destruction, population growth, military activities, offshore wind activities, natural-gas exploration activities create temporary or permanent hearing problems in marine mammals native to the Mediterranean Basin, which can be irreversible and result in death when ACCOBAMS regulations are not implemented. Marine mammals observers and passive acoustic observers working in industrial activities have the greatest responsibility in monitoring the implementation of regulations. Lyne, who included ACCOBAMS regulations in his article, stated that more data is needed for the protection of species native to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.