DMAD becomes partner of MEDPAN

DMAD’s hard work has been recognised by MedPAN who have elected DMAD as a new partner

The Mediterranean Protected Areas Network or MEDPAN was created in 1990 during a conference in Monaco with two main objectives of:

  • Developing management tools for marine protected areas
  • Sharing experience between managers of protected areas
In October 2019, the Organisation consisted of 71 members, managing over 110 MPAs and 51 partners from 20 Mediterranean countries. 
We are delighted to announce that at the 2019 regional workshop, “Management of highly mobile species across Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas” which was held from 12-14 November 2019 in Akyaka, Turkey, DMAD were elected as a partner. Not only will DMAD gain a great deal from the experiences of managers of marine protected areas but they will also be able to share their experiences and data collected with leaders of Turkish marine protected areas and managers from further afield.

We are very grateful to MedPAN for electing us as a partner and look forward to a positive future together!