A day with DMAD: Laura writes

Laura sharing her survey impressions 

It was not my day! I had a morning survey that started at 5.45 after a really bad night. So you can imagine that I was not really looking forward to that. However, the chance to see some dolphins, gets me excited even that day. After that survey, I was so dead that I really really needed a nap. I fell into my bed and fell asleep. Of course I was not that lucky, after 20 minutes, Claudia came to my room, waking me up to tell that we would go on boat survey at 12. Chill, I can still nap a little then. 10 minutes later, she was there again, now we would leave at 11. No time for napping anymore. Later, we arrived at the boat, ready to see dolphins, although I was still a little tired. On the boat, Selina realized we were actually out of petrol. Well, that was exciting to say the least. With a very low and constant speed we navigated to the gas station, praying that we would reach it in time. Luck was at our side that afternoon, not only that we reached the gas station without to swim to there, but also that we saw dolphins! Oh, I love seeing dolphins! Every time, my heart skips a beat. Their beauty and elegance are mesmerizing. Although I’m still working on my photography and spotting skills (I am not so good at seeing them), I love to take pictures of them. My day started as a nightmare but ended in a dream.