QGIS Lesson 8 Part 2 - Exporting our map to an image file and adding a scale bar, legend and north arrow

QGIS Lesson 8 Download Files

QGIS Lesson 8 – Recapping everything we’ve learned so far

This lesson is split into two parts. The first is a recap lesson that will use an the example of Canadian provinces to go over everything we’ve done so far including adding a vector layer, opening the attribute table, editing the attribute table, changing symbology by an attribute, adding labels and adding opensource background mapping. This is in preparation for part 2 where we will see how to export a map in QGIS for an end user and in the process add a legend, a scale bar and a north arrow. If you feel this course is moving too slowly for you, it is possible to skip part 1 and go straight on to part 2 using the map from the previous lesson.
The download files are available from are available from www.dmad.org.tr/qgis-lesson-8 but they are also available to download for free from: https://diva-gis.org/gdata. DMAD in no way created or owns this data. They are just there so they are easier to find.