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Help our non-profit organization and give Turkey’s children in need the once in a lifetime opportunity to see wild dolphins.

The encounter with wild dolphins in the open sea is one of the most intense and touching experiences we might ever dream of. An experience that can have even greater significance for people who fight a daily struggle against diverse obstacles and profound suffering. Overwhelmed by family problems, disability, disease, violence or poverty, there are hundreds of thousands of kids out there, that ask for nothing, if not a single peaceful moment to forget a life of adversities. In Istanbul, more than 200 kids in need have already expressed their wish: jumping on board of our boat for a dolphin watching trip! But we may not be able to make their dream come true without your precious contribution. We can offer them a joyful adventure and the unique chance to see wild dolphins leaping in the air or surfing the bow waves. In addition to our long term research effort in the Istanbul waters and the aim to raise community awareness of dolphin conservation, helping disadvantaged children will represent an extraordinary opportunity to give a positive message of hope…because despite all the difficulties and suffering, life can yet be beautiful!

Dolphins are magnificent creatures, intelligent and beautiful beings that, unfortunately, are brutally exploited by humans so much that many species are now close to extinction. There are plenty of dolphinaria worldwide that promise exciting encounters and real connection with dolphins;  some of them offer dolphin therapy activities, which are thought to help in the rehabilitation of people with disabilities, but these methods involving captivity do not really respect the dolphins’ life and their sacred right of freedom. In order to have a true fulfilling experience we need to establish a respectful and humble connection with the wilderness. Nature is incredible, nature is surprising! Wild nature has the miracle power to transform and heal our lives forever. That is the biggest lesson we learn every time we go out to sea for our surveys and, most importantly, what we would love to communicate to those less fortunate than us. Please help us to help the children of Istanbul by donating to our cause and ensuring we reach our target.

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