DMAD will work towards accomplishing the full record of all species of cetaceans present within Antalya Bay and surrounding areas during the first year. It will do this by thoroughly researching and collecting data from boat and land surveys, as well as from questionnaires presented to the general public. It will infer the population statues, abundance and general distribution of the most common species as well as initiate a photo-ID catalogue with a comprehensive database on most common cetacean individuals in the area. 

During the second and third year this work will continue to settle a long term monitoring program of cetacean fauna within Antalya Bay and surrounding areas. Acoustic data will be integrated into the study as the organization grows, and we will start providing researchers the possibility of using our organization platform to pursue their studies.

From there onward we plan to expand our research into o

ther species such as Mediterranean Monk seal in collaboration with the already many organizations and projects for it within the Mediterranean; Sea turtles in collaboration and research with other Mediterranean organizations.

Objectives of DMAD for 2015 are:

  1. Estimating the abundance, density and encounter rate for each cetacean species within Antalya Bay
  2. Creating a photo-ID catalogue for each species
    Analyzing the preliminary data on site fidelity and social structure of photographed individuals.
  3. Investigating the behavioural patterns for each species
  4. Identifying the seasonal critical habitats for cetaceans within Antalya Bay
  5. Identifying the anthropogenic impacts on cetacean habitats
  6. Awareness raising activities for general public, fishermen and kids