Join our team of researchers in the beautiful South Adriatic sea!!

The Montenegro Dolphin Project aims to address questions about marine mammal abundance, distribution and behavior, define critical habitats and investigate the impact of major threats. Our wider attention focuses on the promotion and implementation of awareness initiatives targeted at the local community.

Montenegrin coastal waters are extremely rich in marine life, but yet barely explored. At least 5 species of marine mammals can be found here, the most common of which are the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) and striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba). Unfortunately these animals, like many others worldwide, are experiencing significant declines caused by human related activities.


This is an extremely valuable opportunity for graduates and undergraduates to gain experience in the marine mammal research field. It could be used to develop a scientific project for your BSc and MSc thesis. However, we are also open to accept applications from anyone whose love for dolphins is strong and sincere.

Opportunities are available between JANUARY to DECEMBER 2018. The minimum duration of the placements is 2 MONTHS, with possible exceptions for shorter periods.

One of these positions will be given to a graduate or student with background in media communication, who will be responsible to strengthen the “social face” of our organization.


-True interest for marine conservation,

-Ability to cohabit in a dynamic and multicultural environment,

-Respect for the organization’s rules,

-Proven experience of working effectively as part of a team,

-Fluent English and good communication skills,

-High computer literacy and willingness to learn new software applications.


-Performing land-based and boat-based surveys,533191_4143710118447_347236663_n

-Collecting dolphins sighting and behavior data,

-Operating theodolite and managing its software Pythagoras,

-Data entry and analysis,

-Cataloging and matching individuals via Discovery software,

-Raising stakeholder awareness.


You will be given the chance to learn the most popular methodologies used in marine mammals research such as:

-Theodolite operation and Pythagoras software,

-Photo-ID and Discovery software,

-Data entry and analysis,


For more information and application, Email your CV and cover letter to akkayaaylinn@gmail.com or info@dmad.org.tr

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