Marine Mammals Research Association (DMAD) is funded for contributing to the scientific knowledge on marine mammals (dolphin, whale and other) in the Levantine Sea for the purpose of marine mammal conservation and increasing the public awareness in every age group.

DMAD conducts long-term consisting studies through research and education to fill the knowledge gaps in the area to support the conservation of marine biodiversity, increase the public awareness while joining the people into our work, especially the children and publish scientific papers regarding cetaceans in the Levantine Sea and contribute the way of our country come into prominence among international scientific platform.

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Bank Info:

Bank Name: Ziraat Bankası

Branch Name: Konyaaltı / Antalya Şubesi

Account Name: Deniz Memelileri Araştırma Derneği


For TRL, IBAN : TR06 0001 0019 2772 3298 0550 01

For USD, IBAN : TR76 0001 0019 2772 3298 0550 02

For EUR, IBAN : TR49 0001 0019 2772 3298 0550 03

For GBP, IBAN : TR22 0001 0019 2772 3298 0550 04


Ersin Baş

0532 559 42 67