Last Friday 13th of October, the MDP (Montenegro Dolphin Project) had the celebration of the first year anniversary.

All our volunteers collaborated in the preparation of 6 posters to explain the guests about the project. From our teaching activities, to our equipment and techniques, all the guests could get an inside of our day to day, our aims, our advances, and even our machines.

We talked about why are we here, our volunteers, the tools we use (with a trial included!), what we want to improve here, how we want to help, etc.


Afterwards we enjoy of a nice appetizer, and some pictures and videos of the amazing year we have spend here.

We were mostly happy to see some families around with kids who showed a lot of interest on the project.

Especial thanks to Ulcinj’s Library for letting us use the rooms for such a nice evening, and all the people that came to learn a little bit more about the amazing dolphins and what to do to help them.

Cristobal Olaya Meza


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